Our Experience with Florida Social Security and SSI Disability Cases

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As experienced Florida disability attorneys, we know that obtaining Social Security disability benefits or SSI benefits can be a complicated process. The Social Security Administration is a huge government bureaucracy with many complex rules and regulations. A disability case can potentially progress through five levels of evaluation: (1) initial application, (2) reconsideration, (3) a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, (4) Appeals Council review, and (5) appeal to federal court.

Most Social Security and SSI claims are denied at the first two levels. However, the majority of claimants who continue through the third level to a hearing are successful. Applicants for disability benefits must be patient and persistent. Do not abandon your disability claim if it is denied at the first two levels. Many people who are truly disabled make this fatal mistake. Expect that you will probably need to appeal to the hearing level to obtain benefits.

David Lillesand began representing individuals with SSI disability claims in 1974, the very first year the federal program started. He speaks English and Spanish.

Jessica Lillesand concentrates her practice in Social Security Disability (SSDI and SSI), Medicaid Planning, Guardianship, Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration and Elder Law.

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