Details About Disability Hearings

If you are considering a disability claim, you likely have a number of questions regarding the hearing process. It is important to contact an experienced and qualified Clearwater Social Security disability attorney as soon as possible to get started on the merits of your claim. If you have already requested a hearing on your claim, an attorney advisor who works with the administrative law judge who will adjudicate your claim may review your file. In doing so, he or she will likely conduct a pre-hearing conference with your Clearwater Social Security disability attorney to go over evidentiary details of the case.

If you are set to appear before an administrative law judge, you may do so either in person or via teleconference. However, if you are opposed to appearing via teleconference, you may request a hearing date favorable to your schedule so you can appear in person. Federal law provides claimants with the right to appear in person in any disability hearing.

A disability hearing will differ from a typical civil or criminal trial. One notable difference is the seemingly less stringent approach to the introduction of evidence that may or not be admissible in a typical trial. Medical experts may testify as to the claimant’s ability or inability to perform full-time work based on the unique medically determinable impairment. Vocational testimony may also be given regarding the patient’s line of work and the level of physical exertion necessary to continue the job. The hearing is not generally adversarial in nature and all testimony is recorded and given under oath. At the conclusion of the proceedings, the administrative law judge will issue his findings with regard to the claimant’s application for disability benefits.

If you are in need of a Clearwater Social Security disability attorney who understands the hearing process, give Lillessand & Associates a call today.