Doctors’ Frequently Asked Questions

Should I fill out the Social Security disability form even if I believe the patient can work at a full-time job? I don’t want the patient to have to pay for me to fill out the form if it won’t help the patient’s case.

The answer depends in part on the claimant’s age. Some claimants, especially those over 50, can do quite a large number of work activities yet still be held to be disabled. In addition, the claimant’s attorney may be looking to establish disability by way of the patient’s mental impairment and just needs you to report a few physical limitations. It’s always best to call the claimant’s Clearwater disability lawyer before you fill out the form.

Should I be concerned that I’ll unknowingly report an issue incorrectly or that I will hurt my patient’s case if I report that my patient can perform any work-related activities at all?

Not really. This concern is usually based on the mistaken idea that the Social Security Administration will find a claimant disabled only if the claimant is practically immobile. Again, it’s always best to call the claimant’s Clearwater disability lawyer to find out the best approach to take.

How can a doctor most damage a patient’s case when explaining the patient’s work ability?

Reporting that a patient is more disabled than he or she actually is may be the worst thing you can do. Exaggerating or outright lying takes away all your credibility and makes your opinion nearly useless for the patient’s claim.

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